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Co-Regulation Station

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Dear Soulful Sounders,

How is that heart of yours doing? Sending continued care and love to yours and all hearts on this planet. Breathing with you.

I have thoroughly enjoyed our series on Qualities of Music Makers/Improvisers, and have felt touched by your full level participation and courage in exploring these ways of being and skill building. What joy!

I am feeling Fall deep in my bones, and through necessity, a turn towards ancestral communion and community connection as I humbly request guidance for my own path on this human experience and for the betterment of humanity. They say the veil begins to get thin around the time of All Souls Day and Dia de los Muertos – I am counting on it, because Abuelitas and Abuelitos: where would we be without you? and we sure need your guidance now. Listening...

In light of all that we are being with on the planet, it now feels like a good time to pivot towards a little more inner tending and resourcing through community and sound.

Many of us are wanting to balance that inner urge to check the news, with making sure that we can stay regulated enough to show up for the rest of life with presence.We are naturally feeling grief, rage, despair, and helplessness. How can we contribute in a way that supports life, not more casualties? All these things, we have been grappling with.

In case you have not noticed yet, I teach what I need :-) plus it’s my 52nd birthday weekend so I choose to join you in the pursuit of a bit more slowing down, inner listening for guidance, creating co-regulation with each other, and the harvesting of self-regulation tools for the solo moments.

It has been my experience that if we can find ways to authentically connect with gratitude for what is going well (not an easy task sometimes!), turning our attention to something beautiful in our experiences or our surroundings, or even to just turn towards something unrelated to the pain, is one way we can inner resource our nervous systems to keep returning to face that which is difficult to be with.

Bless up dear ones!

Bring your basket and fill it with inner resourcing for the path ahead. We need each and every one of us to be present and self-resourced so we may care for ALL our relations.

Get over here on:

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2023 to collectively drop into:

Co-Regulation Station

11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

At the Blue House in Berkeley

All deets sent upon your PRE-REGISTRATION

So looking forward to being with you again!

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