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I had such a blast leading Warrior School class on embracing your Authentic Voice last night with this magical, creative, talented AF musician, teacher and human Renée Benmeleh!!! Renee brought her full eccentric, embodied, wise and playful self to the Warriors, giving us all full permission to let loose, express our deep visceral voices and allow Wind and Air to flow through us as we leap over the edge of what is next in our leadership!! It was a blast and profound all at once.  Thank you Renee Benmeleh- you are a gift!!

Tina Meyers, Women Advocates Rising

"I brought Renée in to do vocal improv workshops with my advanced chorus.  I'm relatively new to the world of vocal improv myself, and I hoped that bringing in a local expert would help my students strengthen their improv skills. I was overjoyed with the results. Renée established an immediate rapport with my group, and soon, the students were contributing boldly to the circle singing and improv exercises. My students felt at ease and free to both succeed and to fail. They took pleasure in building off of one another's vocal lines. My students were not only engaged, but they were listening, and trusting their musical instincts. Subsequent to Renée's visit, the chorus continues to demonstrate a willingness to be bold when we do our improv exercises, but also when we're tackling our concert rep. I am eager to have Renée back next semester."

Tony Asaro, Music Education 
Lick-Wilmerding High School, S.F.

“I felt so much aliveness in Renee’s class today.  Sharing sound, movement, rhythm, and voice in the group brought me into my full self.  I felt alive and complete, energized and calm.  I loved all of it, from the simple movements & sounds, to harmonizing together, to sharing with a partner something I’ve held back, using my whole self - - voice, movement, heart, body, sound.  Such a gift to be there today!”

                                    Kitty Kameon, Rosen Method Practitioner

“This class on attentiveness and listening was different from the other ones in it’s subtlety – I felt as though I was being tuned by my inner angel into a new harmony inside my spirit body, my physical body. I saw colors that were vibrating, shifting things within to align me into harmony with who I really am – the new person I am becoming in my transformation. The gentleness of the chimes at the beginning set a trajectory which was about really being in harmony with the group, so that we listened a lot more to the vibrational qualities of each voice and what they were communicating.”

                                   Mirjam Krohne, Dancer/ Biodanza Facilitator

"I admire and appreciate Renée as a singer, as a teacher and as a human. She is  patient, kind, solid, and encouraging. It's easy to follow her and be inspired by her."

Renata Martin, Educator/Singer

"I've attended Renée's group many times, and each one is better than the previous. Some of her warm-up exercises will take you out of your comfort the best possible (and often unforeseen) ways. Vocal improvisation with others on the same simpatico wavelength is utterly intoxicating and, for me, the two hours in the group are often the highlight of the day/week. Reaching common vocal ground with strangers is an experience I cannot recommend highly enough. I usually float out of the space afterward."  

Richard Freeman, Drummer

"Renée is immersed in music & singing & improvisation drawing from a vast repertoire of jazz, world music & folk.  She leads the classes & group with joy, clarity & confidence.  It is a pleasure to participate & be nurtured by the music, group & heartfelt creativity."

Deena Levy, Singer/Educator/Physical Therapist

"I was lucky to see an announcement for Renée's Vocal Improv class, and decided to give it a try.  It has become one of the treasured pieces of life here. Each class is a unique experience of collaborating with others in a way that is fun and freeing, yet held in the safe container that Renée skillfully crafts. She is a delightfully positive teacher, able to share her gifts in a way that allows access to the creative spirit of young and old, experienced and inexperienced, singers and non-singers alike. I have had such a wonderful time in her monthly gatherings, that I asked her to facilitate a circle sing at my recent birthday party. Renée brought such a cohesion and sense of adventure to the party.  Everyone, from young children, to young adults, to my older peers loved the experience, and many commented on her wonderful energy.  It made for a great gathering and a terrifically good time."

Penny Marienthal, Amazing Being

"I'm so happy I looked up Renée and attended this group! I'm a singer/ voice artist who can get stuck in a rut of the same performance styles unless I take a chance and attend a lesson. Renée providing a great space, enthusiasm, and nurturing everyone's ability/talents, gets a group off in comfort and cheer. She then gets you "into" your source/ your body and helps discover where your music comes from (the thing I always forget to do!) and then intuitively and joyfully creates a playful place to share the gift of voice and laughter. I can't thank you enough!"


 David Pederson, Performer

"I have been studying voice since my first voice class in 1983. Unable to continue class, I continued on my own. I read instruction books, singing with the radio or cds to practice what I learned from my reading. Renée, as a teacher, came into my studies at the right time. Her technique helped me put it together and I am 'sanging' now. Gave me the ability to say the sounds and the words comfortably. This is 'sanging.' It has lifted it to a higher kinda joy. Thanks!"                        

Lois Cincy, Stagebridge Student


"Gracias por abrir estos espacios esenciales donde los seres que entran se empiezan a despojar de sus corazas y miedos para ser ellos y compartir en un espacio de igualdad, donde cada uno es precioso, es visto y disfrutado. Guuuauuu, tanta magia, tanta belleza, tanta fuerza, tanto poder, ... una noche encantadora e inolvidable".

                                               Aliria Serna, Biodanza Facilitator

"Renée's sound nourishment takes us into the depths of our being. Through her attunement and skill, the sound journey opens up constrictions in the mind, heart, and body so we can experience what is beyond them - A true gift for the spirit!"

Daniella Salzman, Educator & Facilitator at Grow Awake

"I am so glad to be here because being with you feels like I get to drink from your passion, this deep well that really supports me, makes me feel alive and resonates me - and I am just grateful to be in the presence of your work - your true heart's calling that you share so beautifully"
                                                  Lauren Ari, Artist and Educator

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