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Claim To Fame_Exerpt - 11_22_22, 8.45 PM
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Rachamana intro with BRIAH
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adonai ata yadata_4.28.24Traditional
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Raven Excerpt
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What Is Sound Nourishment?

Mamas and Guns             Credits Here

Out of Grief Comes Art.jpeg

Renée being interviewed on The Grief Dialogues Podcast Out of Grief Comes Art on Nov 2, 2022 - Ep. 22

Aaron's Radio Show.jpeg

Renée shares about the influence

of 3 songs on her life.

      Musical Self-Expression for Wellness

                What Is Living Voice Work?

National Organization of Arts in Health 2021 Conference Participatory Video

The Orpheus World Music Ensemble
           La Peña, Berkeley, CA

       Kalimba Solo

Project Vox - Monkey House, Berkeley, CA

Sing With Me For a Spell!

Women Drummers 2021.jpeg

Women's Drum Class 2021

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