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Permission To Be Soundful II

Solstice Greetings Dear Beautiful Singers and Sounders!


On this long dark night, may you encounter the kind of stillness that offers you true rest and may the little light(s) illuminate step next of your divine journey.


I am soooooooo appreciative of your sweet presence in blessing up our new indoor space at Timbre, Folk, and Baroque on the Dec. First Sunday sing! Co-creating safe spaces for us to vocalize from the heart and release that which is organically dying as we enter this winter space is a gift to behold!


If I close my eyes, I can still somatically sense and see our collective tears as we entered each other’s hearts to mourn from the deeeeepest. THIS is how we heal the world friends.


In ten days-time, the Gregorian calendar introduces a new year – signifying fresh beginnings.

You can begin anything again any time – renewal is always available to us. My name is Renée which means rebirth, something I have experienced more times than I can recall…I am once again struck by the words of Toni Jones: “pain, try me if you want to, I know you always gonna serve my growth. I know how to use you now, thank you!” I take my hat off to that! Not because I want pain, pain happens, it is part of life, but because what resists persists. I teach what I need to re-learn ;-)


Join us on Sunday, January 7th 11: 00 am - 12:30 pm.

All deets below, and required registration link HERE.


Lovely people, we have released, we have made space…now let’s call in what we want for ourselves, for our beloveds, and the planet.


Our bodies invite attention to longings and needs, our inner vision is the prescription, and our voices bring the vision to life – as we witness each other’s dream in-formation, we hold each other up as we make our way through this divine journey.


I can’t wait to bask in the glow of juicy, rambunctious, deep, devotional, spontaneously spunky, and imaginal space with you soon!






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