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The Integrated Voice

Singing is fun! And studies have shown it has a gazillion benefits from improving our immunity to lowering levels of overwhelm, to increasing hormones that affect our sense of well-being and joy.

Singing is a crossover benefit activity as well because making music lights up more parts of the brain than any other activity!

Maggie Kuhn said “Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.” This saying has given me comfort many times when speaking my truth felt scary. Notice she isn’t putting the emotion of fear in the shadow, or doing some kind of spiritual bypass. This is an acknowledgment that speaking our mind, heart, truth, requires courage and it’s ok if it is scary.

For many folx who come to my classes, and the many circles that I have taken part in, it is scary for them to risk exposure. I have had folks step into the center of the circle in my classes who have not sung since they were 14 because someone said they should not.

Last week at an outdoor gathering of professional vocal improvisers, a light being named Max who has been on the planet all of 10 years approached us. We invited him to sing with us and eventually, he courageously stepped into the center. When he opened his mouth and sang, I spontaneously combusted into a million pieces and tears ran down my face. He was so tender, his voice, so soulful, and full of longing, confident, yet vulnerable. I am such a fan of Max He is my new crush. #maxsings

These moments of risking exposure have informed my life so that I am more comfortable risking exposure in non-musical realms of communication. For me, the deep listening, the inclusion, and the allowing for all voices to be heard is how I want to live my life – and what I stand for in this world. There is no separation – it is a continuum of healing generational patterns of persecution, not being seen or heard, as well as any familial patterns of corrosive hiding of truths within family /group dynamics, and in the social activism that is currently necessary to expose corruption and inequality for so many on our planet.

Although my spiritual practice is to gently face my fears, I am aware that every human being, longs for a sense of safety in differing contexts, and in varying degrees. Psychological safety is one way that we allow humans to feel that they belong, that they can make mistakes, and that they can express concerns. This is the foundation of how we begin to risk.

I invite you to ask yourself: Are there any places in my life where I am too scared to ask questions, speak my truth, or disagree? How can gentle exposure practices inform my courage?

Begin at a place of safety, create earthy structure, and let this be the foundation that will allow you to fly!

How can I support you?

Outdoor classes are available locally and private classes are available locally and online.

May The Voice Be With You,


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