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The quiet sound of nothing feeds my heart. An unlikely phrase arising from one as loquacious as me. It appears the winds have changed and what beckons is the place where space brings grace.

3 years post-concussion, my body has shown me an extraordinary healing potential, and many of my life activities have resumed. I am however, chronic enough to have inherited the name “migraineur”. Each day my mission is to get closer to the root of the cause so that I may release that title to the wind.

The body is so intelligent, and yet, the guidance so easy to override as we ride the differing tracks that simultaneously play us. Needs rule, and that is where we often go. I like it when needs and strong wise guidance align to catapult me in a direction. It’s especially interesting when the direction was unpredictable.

This wild child looked at her feet and found them heavy with roots. So, I sit to see what will grow. As I open to the words and sounds that inform the songs of this time, I find the silence. A rediscovered delicacy. Space is the place.

Tito La Rosa said "El silencio es la madre de el sonido", "Silence is the mother of sound". Yes. Let’s explore what bubbles up from silence, unplanned.

Until soon, be well!

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