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Irrational Sound


Greetings Singers, Sounders, and Longing to expressers,


While humans may be the only primates capable of talking, many living beings have voices. The ability to express ourselves with sound or words is a kind of pressure release valve that allows us to re-calibrate our systems.


Yet, so many of us have learned to put the brakes on the valve and shut down our expressions – whether they be joyous, sad, angry, or confused.




If it didn’t, there would never be attempts to shut it down.

When cat gets your tongue

Hind brain is in charge

Breathe into the lung

So you can live large




About a month ago, I attended small claims court for the first time. In 2022, I attended a settlement hearing around losses incurred due to mold and asbestos where I was living. In both incidents the pressure of not over-speaking is strong because judges and commissioners move quickly through hearings. Both times, I walked away feeling regret that I had either settled for less, or not said something that felt important.


If you’ve been alive, you have likely felt regret about one or more of your actions, unless you’re #hewhoshallnotbenamed

What to do with regret?There is the option for repair sometimes. We can reframe the situation or offer ourselves compassion/empathy and understanding. We can go back and try doing/saying something differently, or taking responsibility or acknowledging where we missed the mark.


All these things are possible and these actions are helpful.


But when I find myself laying in my bed at 1:34 a.m, replaying my experience in the courtroom and saying all the things I did not say, it is time to move the F%@c*ing energy. While “talking it out”  in the imaginary hearing can feel good, or sharing with someone I trust, when the energy is in our body, sometimes the best approach is to step out of our rational mind and into our irrational sounds.


Whadda hecka plirti smengocki?


You might find yourself repressing, concealing, being polite, not ask for what you want, making sure you do not complain, never being too loud, not expressing your anger, so on and so forth! It’s exhausting.


I love words. I love world play, and impeccable communication is my life practice and goal. Sometimes, I don’t want to find the right words because they feel limiting and sounds and gibberish feel liberating!


The emotional tone conveys beyond words and when we communicate in my classes through these exercises, often people feel that. And you know what else? It’s really relieving and fun 


Our class on Sunday, May 5th will be dedicated to the practice of Irrational Sound as a way to come to clarity, relieve stress and fear, and find more ease and freedom in our expressions.


See ya there!







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